Capital Campaign Services

Client Needs Addressed
The Galler Group partners with clients to plan and execute campaigns
that have the potential to produce short-term financial success and
create new energy and commitment from both traditional and unexpected
sources. Knowing that no two nonprofits are alike, we try to understand
the unique requirements of the organization, addressing such questions as:

  • How much can the organization raise?
  • Is there an optimal time to launch a campaign?
  • Does the current team have the skills and experience to support the campaign?
  • Who are the potential volunteer leaders for the campaign?

Campaign Services
The Galler Group offers a range of capital campaign services customized to
your organization’s specific needs and circumstances. We can work with you
through the entire process or at a critical point along the way. Services include:

Assessment: Assessment includes analysis and evaluation of an organization’s
current fundraising efforts, with emphasis on campaign readiness. It is ideally
done in conjunction with a feasibility study.

Campaign Management: Support for the operations of the campaign, including
assistance in monitoring the campaign calendar; enlistment and cultivation of
leadership level volunteers; planning the campaign phases, review of ongoing
cultivation and solicitation strategies, and insights based on experience and
best practices.

Executive Coaching: Highly personalized confidential support of the most senior
staff to optimize performance, develop leadership and communication skills, and
provide advice during periods of organizational change.

Feasibility Study: The study provides the data to test a proposed campaign goal
through interviews with members of major constituencies. It also offers ideas for
positioning an organization to generate significant support.

Solicitor Training: Training for staff and board solicitors to increase their comfort
level and ability to successfully cultivate and solicit donors and prospects.