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Strong institutions are built by strong teams with a shared sense of mission.
An effective organization comprised of the best people performing optimally
can achieve greater success, envision and execute new programs, and fulfill
an institution’s mission with purpose and passion. Through focused professional
services, organizations can identify, acquire, develop and retain the talent they
need to meet short- and long-term goals.

Client Needs Addressed
Selecting and developing the right professionals is critical to an organization’s
success. To be truly successful, staff must be aligned to a structure specifically
designed to help the institution achieve its most ambitious goals. The Galler Group
helps its clients address important organizational issues such as:

  • What steps should your organization take now to have the right staff and board
    resources for an upcoming major initiative?
  • What staff and/or board roles are required for success, now and in the future?
  • Should you recruit, promote, and/or develop leadership from within?
  • How can you maximize the performance of your executive team, senior staff and board?

Organizational Development Services
To address these questions, and to help the institution to develop a strong team
capable of meeting critical organizational challenges, The Galler Group provides the
following services:

Board Governance: Confidential assessment of the board’s effectiveness followed by
the development of strategies to improve board governance. Creation of strategies to
increase the engagement of the board while improving board practices in the areas of :
committee & board structure, nominating, succession planning and evaluation of the
Chief Executive Officer.

Retreats: Special half- or full- day meetings for staff and/or board members with a customized
format and focus on key strategic issues.. Facilitated by a member of the Galler Group team.

Staff Planning: Candid look at the organization and evaluation of the roles and capabilities
of the existing staff, with suggestions on how to improve performance and if desired design a
new staff structure.