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 Strategic Planning

Through strategic planning, an organization can achieve new clarity about
direction and purpose, align internal players, develop a road map to achieve
goals, and more fully engage current and potential partners and funders.

Client Needs Addressed
Working closely with our clients, The Galler Group plays the role of advisor,
process expert, coach and facilitator, addressing key strategic planning
issues such as:

What is our mission and purpose?

What new initiatives can be introduced to strengthen the organization
and further its mission in the community?

What should our institution ideally look like in three to five years?

Strategic Planning Services
Working with your team, we help you create and execute the three main
components of the strategic planning process.

Planning for the Process:
Gathering information on the organization, its
programs and services, its volunteer leadership and staff. Reviewing earlier
strategic plans and reports. Identifying key stakeholders and a planning team
who will lead the identification of desired outcomes and success measures.
Development of a work plan with roles/responsibilities, timelines, resources
and milestones.

Engaging in a Strategic Plan: Developing the strategic plan itself, which
involves key initiatives such as revisiting the mission, assessment of current state,
creation of ideal future state, analyzing the gap between what exists and what is
desired. Identifying key strategic initiatives and the development of an action plan.

Implementing the Plans: Assistance in implementing the strategic plan.